Leadership coaching.

Think of a tennis coach, for example. Leadership coaching is similar, but, as you can guess, it applies to a completely different field. It aims to accompany you in the development of your talents and skills as a leader, an expert and/or manager. It aims to propel you forward, to make you an athlete in your professional field.

Coaching is a proven, preferred approach to professional and personal development that focuses on your strengths to achieve those goals that are important to you.

How is coaching different from other types of training?

  • It is a tailor-made program that meets your specific needs and objectives, rather than imposing a predetermined and rigid curriculum

  • It creates a unique and safe space for reflection and interaction

  • It familiarizes you with the latest managerial approaches

  • It gives you the opportunity to create your own action plan, building on your specific strengths rather than a generic approach

*When was the last time you really stopped to think?

Coaching puts you in action, practicing not only in coaching sessions, but literally in your  day-to-day work.

Frequent and regular coaching sessions allow you to crystallize your goals, determine your measures of success, learn and practice, report on your progress and design the actions necessary to become the leader you dream of being.

Some of the leadership skills you may develop include:

Making decisions

Thinking strategically

Communicating more effectively

Knowing how to delegate

Developing talent

Motivating and inspiring

Individual coaching.

An individual coaching program is perfectly adapted to your personal and professional goals.

The resulting special relationship provides a space for reflection and unwavering support to help you reach these goals faster.


Who is this program for?

  • Any entrepreneur, manager or expert who wants to exercise outstanding leadership
  • Anyone who has just received a promotion and wants to accelerate the adoption of their new duties
  • Any leader responsible for implementing significant change
  • Any leader facing particular challenges
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Group coaching.

Group coaching brings together people who share the same developmental interests, but who are not necessarily part of the same team, or even the same company.

Less focused than individual coaching, it has the advantage of relying on collective intelligence in addition to the support of the coach to accelerate leadership development.

Another advantage is that the cost per person is lower than for an individual program, as the costs are shared among several participants.


Who is this program for?

  • Any entrepreneur, manager or expert committed to developing their leadership skills
  • Anyone who is also looking to be part of a community of like-minded people

Coaching of leadership teams.

Focusing on a  particular mission of a management team, this coaching aims to improve the team’s  cohesion and performance.

This program brings together the leader and his or her direct reports to diagnose their current performance, establish a concrete action plan and measure its progress in quantitative and qualitative terms.


Who is this program for?

  • Any management team that focuses on improving team performance to achieve ambitious organizational goals
  • Any newly formed management team that wants to start with a solid foundation of collaboration and performance
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