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How to develop talents.

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In a constantly changing context, giving your employees the opportunity to develop their expertise, their know-how as well as their interpersonal skills must remain a priority.
Because the success of your current – and future – team is at stake.

This program provides you with all the essential tools to succeed in this area.

Courses offered in this training.

10 minutes

This first course aims at dealing with the most frequent obstacles to talent development, the most common mistakes, and most importantly, to clarify why it is important to overcome these challenges.

With the help of the Questions from your coach at the end of this document, you will be able to reflect on your reality in this area. This will help keep your focus on the areas for improvement that hold the greatest promise for you.

Indeed, it is not enough to apply a recipe indiscriminately, but instead, it is best to extract the elements that will allow you to progress the fastest.

This course sets the table for other courses which will provide you with the various tools you need to improve yourself in this area.

23 minutes

Let ‘s start with a concrete example:

A company’s human resources department requires that a talent development plan be created annually for each employee in the organization.

To meet this requirement, a manager consults each member of his team to find out their training interests. He also reviews annual performance evaluations to take note of the improvements expected from each one. He consolidates everything in the appropriate template, provided by his human resources partner. He thus completes his skills development plan swiftly and meets the prescribed deadlines.

Does this example sound familiar to you?

How well does this approach meet company goals and industry trends?

Let’s see how this manager, and maybe you as well, could go much further in your thought process and get an invaluable strategic development plan.

32 minutes

In recent years, management schools have been promoting manager-coaches as a leadership model to follow, essential to develop and leverage the talents of workers in achieving objectives.

Leaders who focus on the skills of others rather than acting as the sole hero of the team are generally considered to be managers-coaches. They take a caring approach, ask powerful questions to develop the skills and thinking ability of their people, define what results to be achieved rather than how to get there, and encourage autonomy and accountability.

This way of doing and being promotes the development of skills on a daily basis.

Let us take a closer look at the essential practices of manager-coaches..

* If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

Ginette Gagnon


Leadership Coach | Speaker | Author

Actuary by trade, I felt more comfortable with math than with people when I started my career. However, I quickly realized how essential quality interpersonal relationships were to success and happiness.

I began a personal journey that has become my passion, a lifelong adventure, with the aspiration to become the best version of myself as an individual and as a leader.

With a wealth of experience, stories and insights, I have made it my mission to accelerate the development of leaders who want to make an unparalleled impact on the people they care about and community.

Since 2014:

    • Coaching for high potential managers, management teams, CEOs, and entrepreneurs
    • Lectures, workshops, master classes
    • Online training
    • Former member of Anges Québec
    • Strategic consulting, large and medium-sized companies
    • Strategic planning
    • Governance
    • Member of the Aeroplan executive committee
    • Leader of large-scale, global and local, functional and matrix teams
    • Project, program and operational management
    • Organizational transformation
    • Operational efficiency and optimization
    • Strategic sourcing
    • Sales and marketing

Ginette Gagnon


Leadership Coach | Speaker | Author

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