Leadership programs offered to businesses.

This is a solution designed specifically for companies that want to offer a flexible leadership development program that is perfectly suited to individual and organizational needs.

Three complementary learning approaches

This leadership program leverages three distinct but complementary learning approaches to cover a wide range of management and leadership skills.

However, depending on your organization needs and objectives, you have the option to retain any combination of these components.

Online training

First, online training courses, offered in French and English, enable the development of essential skills for managers and provide proven approaches supported by numerous practical tools.

They cover more than 25 essential topics for all leaders and accessible at any time, whether you want to explore new approaches, acquire practical tools or call on concepts when it really matters.


In addition to the online training, workshops can be held for groups of 8 to 10 people in order to crystallize the learning through interaction and the resolution of real problems.

These workshops allow participants to deepen their knowledge acquired through online training and facilitate the transition from knowledge to know-how. They also create a collaborative and supportive environment for participants.


For the masterclasses, which complement the online training and workshops, you will select the topics that will best help you achieve your organizational goals.

The masterclasses aim to broaden your horizons by addressing a topical issue and offering innovative approaches based on the latest scientific and business research.

Topics covered.

Common core

This block addresses three broad types of skills:

The first covers self-management skills, addressing topics such as communication, emotional management, confidence, influence, to name a few. These topics are applicable to all job categories.

The second, employee management, focuses on the core competencies of managers such as delegation, talent development, priority management, planning, engagement and change management.

In addition, there is a section dedicated to team management. It deals with running effective meetings, what makes teams tick and how to solve problems together.

New managers

New managers often face their own unique challenges. Therefore, in addition to the core curriculum, specialized topics are offered to meet their needs, such as discovering what the management

Experienced managers

After a few years of experience, and perhaps  managing larger teams, you may find that  more is expected of you. New skills, such as strategic thinking, strategic planning and strategic execution, are essential for success


The reality of executives and leadership teams is unique, as the impact of knowledge, skills and attitudes at this level of influence in the organization is immense. Therefore, it is essential to understand and cultivate what makes a leadership team high performing, and what makes it possible to make better decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Main advantages.

Online courses are offered in both English and French. They are available at any time to address concerns and provide support in a timely manner and fit seamlessly into participants’ schedules. They are available in video, audio, and downloadable course files. They are supported by a number of practical tools that you can download .  A prerequisite to the workshops, they maximize the time spent reinforcing the transition from knowledge to know-how: answering questions about the content, stimulating interaction  between participants and developing concrete action plans.

The online training ensures that this leadership program  can continue beyond the first year. In fact, it will be available not only to today’s managers, but  those who will join your company in the future, as well.

The design and content of the training are based on (many!) years of experience as a leader of large teams and member of the executive committee of a large organization. It is also based  on a recent (2017) Master of Science in Management, certifications in executive coaching, team performance, and more than five years in executive coaching. As an author, I am an active contributor to Gestion magazine, and I consult scientific and business research  in management and leadership on a daily basis. In addition, some specific topics are covered by experts in these specialized fields.

The  opportunity to develop relevant and impactful online training is almost infinite, and any new training will be made available to all members. In addition, by participating in this leadership program, your company will be in a unique position to influence the topics covered in future online courses.

Program participants will be invited to become members of the private Facebook group associated with the online training program. They will then have the opportunity to  interact with managers from other companies who share the same challenges and passions.

Want to learn more?

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