Ginette Gagnon  M. Sc, ACC, CTPC

Leadership Coach | Speaker | Author

Ginette Gagnon

Leadership Coach | Speaker | Author

Before you became a leader, life was much simpler, wasn't it?

You only had to worry about your own performance. And when you were in trouble, you could count on your supervisor or colleagues to help you resolve the situation.

Today, you are responsible for the success of your entire team. And your teammates are looking to you for answers.

You’re talented and an expert in your field, but you may realize that you’re not quite ready for the complexity of leading your team to success. Frankly, sometimes you have to improvise.
Yet you are passionate, dynamic, ambitious and strive  to become the inspiring and successful leader you have always imagined yourself to be.
And you wonder what to do…

Believe me, I understand!

Because I became a leader the hard way. As an actuary by profession, I felt more comfortable with math than with other people when I started my career. However, I quickly realized how essential strong  interpersonal relationships were to success and happiness.

I then began a personal journey that has become my passion and a lifelong adventure, with the aspiration to become the best version of myself as an individual and as a leader.

I lost hours of  sleep reliving difficult interactions and experienced hours of anxiety caused by uncertainty. I spent time learning about myself and watching the best leaders and worst managers around me. I was always trying to understand how to influence and mobilize others to succeed.

After ten years in actuarial science, I left that profession for a new career in information technology. For most of the next fifteen years, I managed large local and global teams as a senior leader and eventually became  a member of the executive committee of a  large company.

With a passion for leadership, my career took a new turn in 2014

With a wealth of experience, stories and insight, I took another radical turn in 2014 towards a new goal: to accelerate the success of managers who are passionate about developing their skills.

And to make sure I had all the tools I needed, I completed a master’s degree (MSc) in management at HEC Montreal in 2017, on the cusp of my 50th birthday, as well as being certified as an executive coach and team performance coach. With my leadership coaching practice now thriving  I coach managers, experts, entrepreneurs and executive teams.

In the spring of 2021, a major client gave me the mandate to develop a leadership program, which was launched on June 8. This now allows me to create more than 25 online courses, which are available to the general public. The objective is to give the essential tools to people who would like  to become remarkable leaders.

My commitment to you

I offer a unique approach, based on science, but also on many years of experience – mine and those of my clients – to help you become the leader you dream of.

It will enable you to take full advantage of the way human beings think to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, build relationships based on empathy and trust, and inspire others to do their best to achieve common goals.

You will be able to better reason and resonate with others.

Services offered.

Developing your skills and becoming an outstanding leader is entirely possible, as my clients’ progress shows every day.

But it’s not just about applying a formula. It’s about understanding the problems that can arise, determining how to overcome them, and, most importantly, becoming aware of yourself and your personal biases that can be a hindrance or a strength.

Because it will make the difference between a great success or  certain   failure.

Also, I propose different ways of learning. You will be able to adapt your course to your situation and your preferences.

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