Although we live in the area of ​​rationality, research in neuroscience and management demonstrates that our way of thinking is the result not only of our reason, but also from our intuition. Whether to make a decision, to interact with others, to create, and even to distinguish right from wrong, our thinking sways between our rational process and our intuitions.

Now, what happens if we become aware of our intuitions and take advantage of them, combining them with our reason?

This question is at the heart of my master’s thesis in management, completed in January 2017. To this end, I explored the latest scientific advances on the subject. I also interviewed established leaders from different backgrounds and industries – former Prime minister of Quebec, media stars, entrepreneurs, executives at major organizations such as Air Canada, KPMG, the Caisse de depot et de placement, Hydro-Québec, and so on. The results of my research, combined with nearly thirty years of experience as an actuary, then as a manager, and finally as an executive coach, allowed me to develop an original and pragmatic perspective of human thinking.

Let’s explore together how intuition is applied in business, as explained by science and experience.

Our professional success depends on our speed in making sound decisions and our ability to influence others. While we live in the realm of rationality, research shows that our way of thinking is the result not only of our reason, but also of our intuition. Discover the three essential elements to make your intuition the best ally of your reason and thus increase your chances of success.

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At the heart of the leadership exercise is influence. Indeed, by definition, a leader has the undeniable ability to rally others to join forces to attain organizational goals.

Without influence, there is no leadership.

However, it is clear that to deliver rational arguments, as percussive as they could be, is often insufficient to convince interlocutors. Influence mastery relies obviously on reason, but also on the intuition of the leader, on his ability to combine all his faculties to touch not only the head, but also the heart of his vis-à-vis.

Building on the learning acquired through experience and observation of great – and no so great – leaders, and on the knowledge gathered as part of my recent thesis, I share my insights on the topic of influence.

In terms of influence, intuition makes the difference between a potential success and a failure assured

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