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Ginette Gagnon, M. Sc., ACC, CTPC

Photos: Camille DS et Guillaume St-Amand

Before you became a manager, life was much simpler, right?

You only had to worry about your own performance. And when you got stuck, you could count on your supervisor to help you figure things out.

But now, you are responsible for your whole team’s success. Not only that, they look to you for answers.

You may be talented, and an expert in your field, you realize you are not fully prepared to face the significant complexity of leading a team to success. Frankly, you’re winging it.

Yet, you’re passionate, dynamic, ambitious and you long to be this inspirational and successful leader you always imagined becoming.

You just not sure what to do next…

Believe me,

I get it.

Actuary by trade, I felt more comfortable with mathematics than with people when I started working. Yet, after 10 years, I decided to give it all up to start a career in IT. And for the most part of the next 15 years, I managed increasingly larger teams, local and global, as a senior leader and member of the executive committee of a large and successful organization.

And I became a leader the hard way.

Hours of sleep lost rehashing unsuccessful interactions, hours of anxiety uncertain about what to do next. Learning about myself. Observing the best and the worst of leaders around me. Discovering and exploring… Forever trying to understand how to influence and mobilize others and lead to success.

I coach, read, write and think about remarkable leadership.

And I came to the realization that I’m just plainly passionate about leadership and team dynamics. So my career took yet another radical turn in 2014. I pursued my education (M. Sc. in Management, executive coaching, and team performance coaching). And I quit my position as a senior IT leader to devote my efforts and heart at accelerating the success of hard-working managers through the development of their skills.



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